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Simply said: "Our Flowers Last Longer"

It’s Only Money

Some facts about money and pricing.

Prices on this web site, we expect, will hold, but we do reserve the right to change them if necessary. The world flower market changes a little on a daily basis.

At Cosentino’s we accept all major credit and debit cards on the phone and when you are here in person.

Size of the arrangement may vary due to daily market fluctuations. Please remember that prices will be slightly higher at holiday time. i.e. Roses at Valentine’s Day.

These are our own local prices. Prices will vary when the items are sent by to other cities. That price is then set by the filling florist. When we send an order by Teleflora, the filling florist is required to fill that order according to the prices he charges his local customers. Auburn tends to be on the low side of the pricing scale. The larger the city, the greater the possibility of variation. (They have higher rental, labor and operating costs in New York, Boston and St. Louis than we do.) When you place a wire order, give us the price range, describe your wishes and let our staff do the shopping for you.

We accept all major credit cards. We’ll even take cash.

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