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Simply said: "Our Flowers Last Longer"

Simply Said

Simply Said:
Our Flowers Last Longer

It is no easy task to make that claim. And to live up to it. We try our very best. Yes, sometimes we fail. But not very often.

Why are we so sure? First of all, Carmen teaches a seminar on care and handling. He has presented it to florists across the world more than 200 times. He practices what he preaches. Carmen is the author of “FloraCare 2006,” the definitive manual on care and handling in the floral industry.

We buy only the very best product and fly it in to Syracuse or have it sent by Fed EX right to the store. When flowers arrive, they are inspected immediately for damage and to see that they are what we ordered. Then, the lower leaves are stripped off each stem. We don’t want them in the water where bacteria and mold can flourish. Then the stems are cut, under water. You see, as flowers are shipped, the bottom of the stem crusts over and water is lost from the underside of the leaf. It’s called transpiration. As water is used up, a vacuum forms at the base of the stem, above the crusting. By cutting under water, not as most other vendors do, we fill that vacuum with water, not air. This is one of the reasons for our success.

Simply Said. . . .Our Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are then treated with various products that are important to flower longevity and then placed in a clean container that has flower food, and acidifier and a germicide and they are placed in a 34-36 degree refrigerator that has very high humidity. All flowers are dated for proper rotation, and unsatisfactory flowers are discarded. So we can boast…that our flowers do last longer.

If you’re not buying Cosentino, ask your vendor about his care and handling processes. Bet he’s not doing what we do. All these things have been proven to help provide the customer with the very best product. Each part of the process costs money and that is why you will find our flowers to be a bit more expensive…not much, just a bit. Those few extra pennies will give you days more of enjoyment. Because it costs so little, we can’t seem to understand why all vendors don’t go through the process.

That’s why can boast…that our flower do last longer.

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