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Poinsettia Care and Handling

Poinsettias are very easy plants to care for. On arrival unwrap it and place it where it will get plenty of light; not too close to the window because it might get a draft and in many homes there are heaters under the window that would dry them out too quickly. Never, on top of the TV. It is too hot here. Watering is the most critical part of maintaining a poinsettia. They like to be moist, but must never sit in water. We suggest that you poke a hole in the foil decoration that it came in. Sure, it is there to protect the table. But water accumulates there and will rot the roots. The best way to know when to water is to lift the pot on arrival. Get a feel of it. Then lift it each day as it dries and lightens. When it seems much lighter than when it arrived, give it a good amount of water. Water it thoroughly, over the sink and let the excess water drain out. That is all there is to it. Many folks ask about keeping the plant from year to year. It is possible to get it to bloom. But do it because you would like the challenge, not so that you’ll have a free plant next year.

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